Marcin Zaborski, Ph.D., attorney at law, partner

Marcin Zaborski, Ph.D., attorney at law, partner

Marcin Zaborski, Ph.D., attorney at law, partner

Co-founder and partner at the Zaborski, Morysiński Adwokacka Spółka Partnerska Law Firm.

Head of the litigation team. He specializes in civil and corporate litigation. He has acquired a vast courtroom expertise in criminal and so-called white collar crime cases over many years. He represents our clients in family and custody law cases.

As a defence attorney, he defended in the largest criminal and white-collar crime trials in Poland after 1989. He represented Polish and foreign organizations in numerous litigations before common courts and arbitration courts. He draws from his vast experience as a counsel assisting economic organizations in their daily business.

He is a graduate of the Faculty of Law at the Catholic University of Lublin. He has been affiliated with the Faculty as an assistant professor and lecturer since 1994.

He has published several dozens scientific papers. He was a teacher at several private colleges. In 1994–1998, he completed the attorney training at the law firm of Zdzisław Krzemiński, Ph.D. the doyen of the Polish Bar and one of the greatest experts in the field of family and civil law in Poland.

He has been practising law as a defence attorney since 1999.

He conducts courses for attorney apprentices which are organized by the District Bar Association in Warsaw.

In 2010, he was appointed to the State Examination Commission which conducted the bar entry exams in Warsaw by the Minister of Justice.

  • He has represented client in successful lawsuits for protection of personal rights against the most read daily newspapers and television stations.
  • He has represented clients who suffered in traffic accidents including the successful lawsuits with a value exceeding PLN1m against insurance companies.
  • He has defended his clients in the largest criminal cases involving organized crime.
  • He defended a client in Poland’s largest white-collar crime trial in the history of the Polish justice after 1989.
  • He represented a group of persons who became victims of dishonest developer practices in a series of civil and criminal law trials.