Services to Natural Persons

Services to Natural Persons

Family Matters

A large number of our Clients are parties to family disputes (divorce, alimony, property disputes).

Family disputes belong to special civil cases. Their uniqueness consists in the tremendous importance and impact of family case resolutions on our Clients’ lives. In this kind of cases, a great deal depends on the experience and personal feel of the trial attorney, which can only be gained through many years of practice.

The attorneys at our firm have nearly 30 years’ experience in handling family matters.

We provide comprehensive legal assistance in the domain of family law, representing our Principals in matters such as:

  • divorce;
  • separation;
  • award, increase or decrease of alimony
  • division of the spouses’ joint property;
  • determination of contact with minor children;
  • termination of parental authority.


We represent numerous Clients, inter alia, in compensation and damages cases. Among them are traffic-related compensation cases and disputes with insurance companies.

Owing to multiple court and out-of-court cases concerning compensation in the broad sense, we have extensive experience in this domain. The experience gained as well as the compensation litigation technique translates into very good court results.

The amounts awarded, e.g. compensation to our Clients, often exceed one million PLN.

Comprehensive service in traffic accident cases comprise legal assistance in criminal cases, often as an auxiliary prosecutor against the perpetrators of accidents, and, subsequently, in front of civil courts in cases for compensation and damages.

We handle compensation cases in a manner that is not only effective but also transparent to the Client, which clearly distinguishes us from numerous dishonest so-called compensation firms.

Personal Rights

We have extensive experience in personal rights protection cases. We have represented Clients in numerous court disputes against some of the most widely read dailies and weeklies in Poland. We have also acted in disputes against TV stations.

In personal rights protection cases, the best indicator of our effectiveness is our portfolio of successful cases.

We also advise journalists and publishers as well as represent broadly understood media in litigation.

In personal rights protection cases, what matters above all is the efficiency and effectiveness of the proceedings in order to remove the consequences of the violation as quickly as possible. Personal rights protection litigation is an idiosyncratic matter which requires unique litigation experience. Over the numerous years of work, we have gained such experience and share it with our Clients.

Criminal Cases

The lawyers from our firm have been, inter alia, counsels in the largest criminal and criminal-economic trials that took place in Poland after 1989 (including the so-called “FOZZ-gate”). They have also handled defence in other serious criminal cases, also involving organised crime. We have defended in virtually all major trials involving organised crime that have taken place in Poland in recent years.

In recent years, we have specialised in handling so-called white-collar cases.

We act in criminal cases as defence counsels as well as attorneys for the auxiliary prosecution.

We provide comprehensive services from pre-trial, through court proceedings, including appeals, as well as in criminal enforcement proceedings.

Our lawyers are experienced defence counsels but they also share their knowledge by teaching classes for trainee lawyers and by examining future attorneys at the bar exam.

Succession Matters

We handle a wide range of disputes in the broad domain of succession law, such as:

  • declaration of inheritance,
  • division of estate,
  • retention cases.

We represent our Clients in the aforementioned cases in front of Courts, as well as providing advice in out-of-court negotiations.

Labour Law

Our lawyers have over 20 years of experience in advising on labour law matters for both employers and employees.

Our Clients include corporations with several thousand employees, which means that we are in virtually daily contact with their HR departments, as well as smaller companies where we advise with the same commitment but to a lesser extent. Equipped with knowledge and experience of how modern HR works, we know how to perfectly advise employees in disputes with their employers.

We have represented Clients in a number of cases concerning the phenomenon of mobbing, both in terms of labour law and issues related to the violation of personal  rights or persistent violation of employee rights (i.e. in terms of the criminal aspect of such behaviour). We train employers and employees on the prevention of mobbing. We prepare anti-mobbing procedures.

We also cooperate closely with our Clients’ health and safety services. We represent our Clients in cases involving accidents at work and possible disputes concerning the so-called determination that an event constituted an accident at work.

We are experienced in handling compensation disputes where claims are based on the Labour Code as well as compensation cases based on the so-called social contracts.

For HR departments, we prepare all documents necessary for the proper functioning of HR.

We share our knowledge and experience and, hence, we audit HR departments and deliver labour law training sessions.

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