Business services

Business services

Ongoing Legal Services

We prepare and review contracts necessary for the conduct of business, analyse the content of contracts presented to us, as well as conducting negotiation processes. We liaise with commercial, purchasing, finance and human resources departments to assist with day-to-day tasks.

Our Clients value our consultancy, which, owing to our multiple years of experience, enables us to respond fully and comprehensively to the Client’s needs. Nowadays, a lawyer providing business advisory services must understand the Client’s needs, know its business perfectly, and only then can legal advice or negotiations be of full value. 

Our largest Clients spend millions of euros a day or sell their services or goods for comparable amounts, and they rely on us to fully safeguard their interests in many different areas of business. Our comprehensive experience and the support of a team that has worked together for numerous years enables us to meet our Clients’ objectives.  

We carry out comprehensive debt recovery from the pre-court phase through to enforcement proceedings.

We represent our Clients in disputes in front of arbitration courts. We are engaged in numerous commercial disputes in front of general courts.

We advise on and handle labour law disputes. Our consultancy includes comprehensive assistance to HR departments on all matters relating to labour law.

Our Clients are medium-sized and large enterprises in a variety of sectors, including production plants, scientific institutes, advertising agencies, associations, IT companies, car dealerships of various brands, pharmaceutical companies, film producers and healthcare institutions in the broad sense. 

They include Polish commercial companies as well as foreign entities. We provide services internationally and work in cooperation with foreign law firms.

Commercial Companies Law

We advise our Clients on business issues on an ongoing basis. We help register businesses in the form of, for example, commercial companies, as well as providing ongoing legal services to businesses. We also manage transformation processes of companies and business activities. We also prepare pre-sale or transformation  due diligence on companies.

We provide our services to both small entities (family companies) as well as multinationals with a holding structure. We advise on transactions related to mergers, demergers and transformations of commercial companies. We provide legal assistance related to both share capital increase and reduction processes.

We provide comprehensive advice on ownership changes in company ownership structures.

We have represented our Clients on numerous occasions in disputes concerning the distribution of business assets, e.g. in the case of civil partnerships, in disputes concerning the exclusion of a partner, deprivation of the right of representation and the like.

On an ongoing basis, we assist our Clients in registering changes with the  National Court Register, filing annual reports or updating data in the Register of Beneficiaries.

We represent our Clients, in particular foreign Clients, at shareholders’ meetings as proxies, thereby providing a guarantee of professionally handled day-to-day ownership needs. 

We assist Management Boards and Supervisory Boards in their day-to-day procedures in compliance with corporate regulations and the Commercial Companies Code.

Labour Law

Our lawyers have over 20 years of experience in advising on labour law matters for both employers and employees.

Our Clients include corporations with several thousand employees, which means that we are in virtually daily contact with their HR departments, as well as smaller companies where we advise with the same commitment but to a lesser extent.

We provide comprehensive assistance to HR departments on all matters relating to labour law in its broadest sense. We prepare and provide our opinions on Labour Regulations as well as Remuneration and Bonus Regulations. 

We realise that in terms of labour law, we need to be in constant contact with our Clients, and that the relationships between an employer and its employee can develop very dynamically. We assist HR departments on an ongoing basis with the preparation of termination statements so that, in the event of litigation, we can defend our Client’s case in Court. We know from experience that such close cooperation brings tangible benefits and minimises the risk of losing a lawsuit.

We have represented Clients in a number of cases concerning the phenomenon of mobbing, both in terms of labour law and issues related to the violation of personal  rights or persistent violation of employee rights (i.e. in terms of the criminal aspect of such behaviour). We train employers and employees on the prevention of mobbing. We prepare anti-mobbing procedures.

We also cooperate closely with our Clients’ health and safety services. We represent our Clients in cases involving accidents at work and possible disputes concerning the so-called determination that an event constituted an accident at work.

We are experienced in handling compensation disputes where claims are based on the Labour Code as well as compensation cases based on so-called social contracts.

For HR departments, we prepare all documents necessary for the proper functioning of HR.

We share our knowledge and experience and, hence, we audit HR departments and deliver labour law training sessions.


Successful litigation, especially in civil matters, requires knowledge, experience, preparation, strategy and guile. Lawyers from our firm have been dealing with disputes for more than 30 years. In fact, we appear in court every day in our Clients’ cases. We have a great deal of knowledge on the subject and an excellent practical background.

Over all those years of working together, we have handled very diverse disputes from various areas of law.

We successfully assist our Clients in the collection of all monetary claims from individuals and legal entities (payment cases). Payment cases are in fact the majority of disputes that we handle for businesses. We carry out comprehensive debt collection proceedings, starting with out-of-court negotiations, through the court procedure, as well as representing our Clients in enforcement proceedings. Owing to our extensive experience in this type of cases (we have handled several thousand payment disputes), disputes are handled efficiently, and we are therefore extremely effective. Our know-how in conducting payment disputes has enabled us to recover tens of millions of zlotys for our Clients in a short period of time.

We represent our Clients in compensation disputes. Losses and the assertion of damages or the defence against a suit for damages are inextricably linked to the conduct of business. We have conducted many such proceedings and have a great deal of experience in this area. Such disputes relating to our Clients’ various businesses are sometimes elements of disputes relating to intellectual property, product quality, personal injury issues, line stoppage, etc. Our experience in such disputes also enables us to better prepare our Clients for a potential dispute. We review and prepare contracts for purchasing and commercial departments based on our courtroom experience.

We have acted in numerous personal rights cases against some of the most widely read newspapers in Poland. We have won cases against television stations (where we quite frequently combine our criminal law experience: such disputes often happen in parallel). We have also represented publishers and journalists who sooner or later have to deal with those kinds of proceedings. An important part of running a business is the duty to take good care of the reputation of the company one works for or manages.

Our experience in handling disputes and our knowledge of the consequences of conducting a multi-annual dispute also enables us to very frequently lead our Clients to mediation and court or out-of-court settlements.

We are also experienced in handling disputes in domestic and international arbitration. We have both acted as attorneys and arbitrators in disputes. We represent our Clients in disputes in front of International Courts and Tribunals.

Criminal Cases

The lawyers from our firm have been, inter alia, counsels in the largest criminal and criminal-economic trials that took place in Poland after 1989 (including the so-called “FOZZ-gate”). They have also handled defence in other serious criminal cases, also involving organised crime. We have defended in virtually all major trials involving organised crime that have taken place in Poland in recent years.

In recent years, we have specialised in handling so-called white-collar cases.

We act in criminal cases as defence counsels as well as attorneys for the auxiliary prosecution.

We provide comprehensive services from pre-trial, through court proceedings, including appeals, as well as in executive criminal proceedings.

Our lawyers are experienced defence counsels but they also share their knowledge by teaching classes for trainee lawyers and by examining future attorneys at the bar exam.

Real Estate Law

In our team, we have lawyers with over 20 years’ experience related to real estate transactions, whose experience was gained in major international law firms. We provide our Clients with comprehensive services such as:

  • legal analyses(due diligence);
  • acquisition and sale of real estate (share and asset dealforward fundingsale and leaseback);
  • transactions in the institutional rental market (PRS);
  • transactional insurance (title insurance, representations and warranties insurance);
  • commercial, office and logistics leases;
  • tax advice on real estate transactions (in cooperation with experienced tax advisers specialising in real estate projects);
  • contracts related to the investment process, including construction contracts, design work contracts, project management contracts;
  • administrative, judicial and arbitration proceedings relative to real estate.

Legal Services for Filmmakers

Our law firm’s specialists provide comprehensive filmmaking services related to the creation of a film.

Working with film producers and artists requires an interdisciplinary and experienced team of lawyers – specialists in various fields of law such as intellectual property rights, including copyright, civil law and commercial law.

The comprehensive service includes all legal services related to film production from setting up the relevant business to preparing and negotiating the necessary contracts.

We assist and advise film producers in preparing and negotiating the necessary agreements with members of the film crew, i.e. filmmakers, performers, technical crew and co-producers.

We also assist performing artists, i.e., inter alia, actors, musicians, singers, in the preparation of contracts securing their interests and in pre-contract negotiations with film producers.

For multiple years, we have also been delivering industry lectures for filmmakers, covering copyright law and film law in its broadest sense.

Business Transformations and Consultancy in the Preparation of Development Strategies

We provide comprehensive advice to entrepreneurs in the development of business development strategies and tax planning. We offer a wide range of advisory services for both small sole traders and entire corporate groups. We help develop an action strategy or recovery plan in the event of a sudden deterioration in the business situation, in considering the widest possible range of potential risks.


We work with experts in corporate law, tax and legal and business solutions to provide Clients with the best solutions, including the development and implementation of corporate and tax structures, succession and succession planning, advice on mergers and acquisitions, as well as to represent the Client in front of courts and authorities.


We operate on the basis of an individual approach to Clients and their business needs, and our services have a hands-on nature, which enables us to develop a development strategy tailored to a company’s unique needs, taking into account the prevailing geopolitical situation. Thanks to our experience and expertise, our services are effective and enable our Clients to efficiently achieve their business objectives and to minimise risks.


In addition to advising on corporate and tax issues as well as business strategy, we also provide support in obtaining funding for our Clients. We cooperate with entities that specialise in obtaining EU funding, as well as from other sources.

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